15 June 2017

"If you are reading this then I would like to make it clear that this is more than just a testimonial, it is a call to action.

For those who have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Terry McElhinney for any length of time can attest, he is a man committed to helping you improve the quality of your life. I've found this to be no different in the time I've spent in his company.

I decided to get in touch with him after Terry was recommended to me by a mutual friend. From our very first conversation, he listened to me intently, observed without judgment, and took the time to explain to me why my psychology was producing negative results in my life. His experience was plain to see and in a nutshell, things began to to make sense.

Over the coming weeks when I met with him, my understanding of myself and my situation became clearer and clearer, helped in no small part by the homework exercises Terry suggested each week - all of which are straightforward and extremely effective.

At the time of writing, I can quite honestly say that almost every area of my life has improved as a result of getting to know Terry. I have rediscovered a sense of purpose and direction and I have gained practical knowledge I can apply to both my personal and professional life for many years to come.

Sincerely Terry, thank you for your expertise, and above all thank you for caring."


John Llewellyn
Informatics Merseyside. | Head of Corporate Service
11 May 2017

Informatics Merseyside
Organisational Development Programme – Performance Coaching

Over the past 18 month , Informatics Merseyside has been implementing an Organisational Development programme designed to ensure the organisation is a fit for purpose, organisation optimally positioned to deliver the expected benefits that Partner Organisations expect from an Informatics shared service. The programme has focussed on several areas of the business but a key piece of work has been to improve the health, well-being and therefore contribution of our workforce.
As part of the Programme, we have used Terry McElhinney (Body & Mind Unlimited) in a coaching capacity to work with a significant number of our staff, with hugely impressive results. Terry has worked with staff in groups, and on a one to one basis, to tackle a range of personal issues and provide tools and techniques which allow individuals to: deal with anxieties, overcome personal issues, reduce stress, achieve more satisfactorily balanced lives and ultimately be more productive in work.
The work has clearly contributed to our low sickness absence rate and good staff morale and formal evaluation is very positive with some staff reporting that the interventions have significantly changed for the better their approach and attitude to work.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Terry’s service for consideration as part of a wider approach to staff health & well-being and am happy to share any further insight or evaluation.

John Llewellyn
Head of Corporate Service
Informatics Merseyside.

Informatics Merseyside-Footnote by Gina Silvarno, Director of Informatics Merseyside.
09 May 2017

Footnote by Gina Silvarno, Director of Informatics Merseyside.

Informatics Merseyside has been awarded ‘Excellence in Informatics Accreditation’ for achieving consistent good practise in informatics workforce development. The honour was formally presented to Informatics Merseyside by the Informatics Skills Development Network (ISD) as part of their annual Connect Conference, which took place in Blackpool on Wednesday 16 September 2015.

As part of this event and for the second year running, informatics Merseyside was also successfully awarded the Staff Development of the Year award in recognition of our rounded and detailed approach to personal and professional development, engagement and staff health and wellbeing.
The Health & Wellbeing courses provided by Terry McElhinney played a fundamental part of our overall Organisational Development Programme, the input from Body and Mind Unlimited has significantly contributed to Informatics Merseyside receiving this award.

"Feedback from staff about the life coaching courses provided by Terry McElhinney has been extremely positive and has helped support personal development, health and wellbeing through a greater understanding of oneself, managing work life balance and alleviating stress.

"The courses have played a fundamental part of our overall Organisational Development Programme and in no doubt have helped support the achievement of our ‘Excellence in Informatics’ accreditation and ‘Staff Development of the Year' awards for consistent good practice and a rounded approach to informatics workforce development.”
Gina Silvano, Director of NHS Informatics Merseyside

Claire Hodgson
Informatics Merseyside
04 May 2017

Firstly I wanted to thank you again for the course, which I can honestly say has been life changing …quite a statement I know, but I truly feel that if you can embrace the tools and techniques that Terry gives you, and apply them in your life, then it literally will change your life.

I attended the Life Coaching course through an Organisational Development Programme within work, however this course has had a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. Terry empowers you to unlock the potential within yourself, to enable you to take control of your thoughts and feelings – which to be honest, I would have thought I controlled away – but I wasn't necessarily doing it consciously. Terry helped me realise that EVERYTHING is a choice of my own, and I have the power to change what I choose to. There is a great range of skills and techniques that the course gives to you, but everyone will I guess embrace specific tools that they will prioritise to work for them, and those tools for me are modelling, self-talk, anchoring, relaxation techniques, affirmations, my beliefs and gold star days.

In addition to these techniques, understanding the ‘change curve’ had a profound impact on me, and helped me to discover that I had allowed something that had happened in my past to fundamentally influence the past 10 years of my life.

Working through the course with Terry, and in the subsequent follow up session, I was truly enlightened to see how I had let this affect me and what I could do about it… And I can say for certain that I have already made massive progress in just 3 months.

I’m excited to apply the tools I have discovered from the course more and more… after all, Every day in every way, I am better and better and better.

Charlee Martin
06 December 2016

I didn’t expect to get much out of the life coaching sessions with Terry as I tend to look into “self-help” strategies myself. So I thought that there wasn’t really anything new I could learn or gain from the session that I hadn’t already heard. I had a challenging upbringing, and have overcome a lot of things in life by myself, so I didn’t think there was anything more I could do or needed in my life. The main thing I discovered and have taken away from Terry’s sessions is that there isn’t a limit on happiness, or what is realistic to expect from your life. That life isn’t suffering or making do. And that it is possible to feel better than you’re already feeling, and it’s alright to feel better than that – I have to say again, because I really needed to know this – that there isn’t a limit on happiness.

I suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia, and anyone who has experienced neuropathic pain knows how crippling and debilitating it is. I’ve had my medication changed twice, and have had to leave work or call in sick due to the pain of the condition and the side effects from the medication. Terry’s tense and relax relaxation and one-word focus has been able to help me wean my medication down. It doesn’t eliminate the pain, but I don’t have to take extra tablets in the day to top up. I have even skipped my medication for a couple of days, and was able to control the stabs of pain with the relaxation techniques. While I am in work, I can do the 1 minute relaxation, adding tense and relax to it, and I am able to keep the pain at bay. That is definitely something I didn’t expect from the sessions – so invaluable for my health and wellbeing, and I’m so grateful to Terry for that.

As an extra bonus, Terry was able to talk to me about my relationships, which have been challenging due to traumas in my past. His insight and tools, such as the partner from hell and heaven, really has changed my life – and this is only a few weeks after the session. I know now that it is possible to get the relationship you desire, and that it isn’t foolish or unrealistic not to go after it.

And last, but certainly not least, my arachnophobia. Now this, I really didn’t expect Terry would be able to do anything about. For as long as I remember spiders have frightened me. Ever since I was about 6 years old I remember being utterly terrified, frozen. I would stay up all night. I’ve left the house when a spider has appeared in my bathroom. My worse attack was when a spider, a very large one crawled across the living room floor – and I stayed up for 24hrs straight afraid it would come in my room (this was at the age of 27) after locking myself inside my room and putting towels under the door. Terry spent 20 minutes with me on the arachnophobia, and 20 minutes I was sure was a waste of his and my time. Yet, three weeks in, again, my fear of spiders isn’t eliminated, but it sure isn’t what it was. I use to recoil from video or photographs of spiders, and though I don’t like them, I can watch them. That’s absolutely huge for me, and that little aspect of my life being less terrifying has given me such a confidence boost, and has made me feel more optimistic about life.

Just four sessions with Terry has had a profound impact on my life. If you are sceptical of these things, go in with an open mind, and give it a shot. I tend to be open minded, but there is no way I thought Trigeminal Neuralgia or arachnophobia could get better from a life coaching session. Those are two serious medical conditions, one physical, and one mental, and the fact that both improved in four sessions with Terry was such a pleasant unexpected surprise. It’s not about finding fault in how you’re already living your life, but helping you live your life in a much more complete and full way.

Again, thank you Terry. You will have no idea how much you’ve helped me.

Kindest Regards,

John Bowles
01 September 2016

Write up in Darts World Magazine Sept 2016

Darts has never been in such fantastic shape, it’s a global sport now, more professional than ever and today’s players certainly realise the opportunities open to them and as a result are continually working on their game and that’s not only on the practice board, but more and more are seeking help and advice from coaches, very often former players and also some are going that little bit further. I caught up with one such player, PDC Pro John Bowles. The ex Widnes Rugby League star, turned successful dart player has been working now for some months with Terry McElhinney, a well renowned Sports Mind Coach. Terry has worked with many other professional and amateur sports individuals and teams across a wide range of sports including Olympic Medalist and now Pro Boxer David Price and has now stepped in to help John with his darts.

So why a sports mind coach John ? “Well, I’ve been playing well and consistently for some time but been coming up short, losing in last leg deciders, missing that winning double and when this happens you start to get negative thoughts in your mind. Will I ever win a last leg decider, why can’t that double be hit. I’ve spoken to many players about this and they agree it’s difficult to change your mindset sometimes when things continually go against you. Terry was recommended to me and so I got in touch and we started working on various things straightaway”

Have you seen improvements and what sort of exercises have you been involved with John ? “Well Andrew, his tuition has got rid of my negative self talk and replaced it with the positive self talk (this dart is going straight in the double, I’ve hit it a thousand times !). He as also being teaching me how to work on mental rehearsal

(playing the game in your mind seeing yourself hit the 180s & double in 1 dart and repeating the process over & over again) I’ve also been working with Terry on recovery anchors, this is how to not let the loosely thrown darts in 1 leg effect your next leg, regroup concentrate, focus and start again! Not letting people outside of you, that is your opponents influence your performance. It's called gamesmanship now apparently. Don't get angry & confused when your opponent decides to go to the toilet halfway through your match, use the time as an advantage, practice, keep your focus, don't let it affect your game! This has resulted in my overall performance going up, I'm getting more consistent with my scoring and finishing with Terry on board. I can only improve because every loss will be turned into a learning curve & every win will be a step in the right direction” That’s great to hear John and I’m sure players in similar positions will be wanting to tap into something like this to improve their game and results.

So lets delve a little deeper and get into the mind of the actual Sports Mind Coach himself ! Terry uses simple but very powerful sports mind tools from NLP and other proven body and mind techniques and tools, to help Sports people be the best they can be and help them remove any limiting beliefs and attitude. I spoke with Terry and he explained “It is often underestimated just how important our mind plays determines our sports performance and ultimately, our level of success. In many sports, games are won or lost before a ball is

kicked, a punch is thrown or a dart has left a players hand.

That’s because, even as a professional or amateur sportsperson, our minds are good at finding reasons for failure-success sabotage. Self-doubt, past failure, tiredness, negative beliefs and even superstitions can all conspire against us creating a state of competitive anxiety

A misconception is that Sports mind coaching is only for those sports people struggling, who have lost their edge, lacking in belief, confidence or self esteem but that’s not the case. I work with sports people who want help with taking their game to the next level or who are searching for more consistence. Working with John has also made me realise how many different and diverse issues darts players face before, during and after a game that can either enable them to play well, stay consistent or possibly regress them back to playing like a novice”

Terry goes on to say “My job is to help the players find the correct recipe, add the right ingredients, get the timing right and not allow anyone to spoil their cake. Knowing my NLP tools and other sports mind techniques I use might not guarantee a perfect cake every time but at least we are at the right end of the success scale”

John continues to work with Terry once a week and it will be interesting to monitor John’s progress and results on the PDC Pro Tour. It certainly proves, there’s

Dave Crone
Mersey Care NHS Trust | Senior Serive Desk Engineer
08 May 2016

I meant to do this months ago so apologies for the delay.

I’d like you to pass on my feedback regarding the life coaching sessions I attended in October 2015. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for these sessions, I wasn’t expecting too much from them to be honest but kept an open mind all the same. I can honestly say the sessions I attended with Terry were the best courses I have ever taken (that also includes courses provided by previous employers). It’s no exaggeration to say that these courses for me were life changing and have given me a different outlook on life. I found the course content to be a real eye opener and I learned an enormous amount. The skills I learnt with Terry are skills that I use every day. Terry is a fantastic coach and I’d attend again in a heartbeat.

I thoroughly recommend these courses, anyone who attends won’t be disappointed

24 January 2016

Help On A Plane!

Hi,It's Lauren you very kindly gave up your time to give me a quick session on the plane from Cuba about managing my anxiety. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your help.

Since your advice and guidance I've had my moments where I've been unsettled about things, but these are only everyday, rational concerns and none have resulted in even the mildest anxiety. In over four weeks I have not had an anxiety attack, I would like to mention, in this time I have booked a flight for 12 days to see my sister in Canada, and gotten a new role at work with more responsibility....these are two things that generally cause me some of my worst attacks.

I honestly can NOT believe how much of a positive impact it has had on me over the last few weeks and could never, for a moment have had a clue just how much difference such a short intervention could change my thoughts on things.

The biggest thing about what you said, that has helped me is about trying not to picture myself in the situation. Now, when I'm getting unsettled about something and an imaging the worst I try to imagine what I'd genuinely be thinking and advising if it was somebody else telling me that same concern. For example when I explained that I get anxious if my partner doesn't let me know he has gotten to work safely I continue start to imagine all kinds of awful things happening such as him being in fatal car accident or similar, I now imagine what I'd be thinking if a friend phoned all anxious because her hubby hasn't let her know he was at work. I know I'd be certain that he'd just ended up busy with something and forgotten or his battery had run flat and this will genuinely calm me down. Previously I'd imagine me telling a friend of my irrational concern and them only replying with something which they think I want to hear. Now I trust my own advice.

I know that's not the best way to explain I hope you understand what I mean; this then leads to you explaining that my body doesn't know the
difference between reality and my brains irrational thoughts which usually then lead to physical reactions on my body such as stomach churning, heart racing and cold sweats-so if I remind myself of what I would genuinely be advising a friend then this keeps me on track.

Speaking of tracks... When you talked about the train passing through the station, I also tell myself to do this and I can't actually believe how much it helps. l now allow negative or worrying thoughts to pass through rather than letting it eat my alive. I'm now starting to believe that it all really is mind over matter,
I'm starting to think if I have had four solid weeks with virtually no anxiety, even following a few nights on the wine (which generally always, always results in massive anxiety attacks the following day), I'm back at work and my partner is also back on nights, often forgetting to text me when he gets to work and I haven't had a single 'episode' then it really is a case of 'mind over matter' and believe If I've managed for this long then why break the habit? because... ' everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better'

Jonathan Smith
02 September 2015

I can’t thank Terry enough for the advice and guidance he has provided over the past number of weeks.
For the last 12 months I had been suffering from work based stress which sequentially impacted upon my personal life. I found it impossible to switch off from work, constantly consumed by worry, could no longer sleep and was no longer enjoying the important things in life.
I now feel completely transformed. Using practical tools and techniques Terry was able to put all of these issues into perspective and provide me with effective ways to deal with these.
I now feel less stressed in work meaning my overall performance has improved. I no longer take stress and worry home, allowing me to fully relax and make the most of my own time in the evenings – not just the weekends. These sessions have changed my life and have given me a much better appreciation for the things that actually matter.

I would highly recommend Terry to anyone.

12 August 2015

Body And Mind Unlimited-Sports Mind Coaching is very proud to be sponsoring and helping Terry Needham reach the goals and success he deserves. Great boxer, Great Lad.

David Price
16 July 2015

David Price fights for European title in final step on his road to redemption
Pricey fights undefeated German Erkan Tepur for European crown on Friday

Liverpool heavyweight David Price
For Liverpool heavyweight David Price, Friday night’s European title showdown with Erkan Tepur represents the final step on his own personal road to redemption.
The 6’ 8” former British heavyweight champion, who takes on the undefeated German in the all city of Ludwigsburg, is not looking to forget those two devastating losses to Tony Thompson in 2013, but rather learn from his past mistakes.
Following a second consecutive defeat to the American veteran – and the Lennox Lewis circus with engulfed that particular camp – the Liverpudlian quickly took stock of everything going on around him and opted to focus on fighting under a new promoter on the continent – a move which is beginning to bear fruit. And now, the 32-year-old is ready to make his return to the top table of heavyweight boxing.
“I left as someone going on the road to rebuild and to come back a champion of Europe,” said Price. “It was always my ambition to come back to Liverpool and either defend my European title or, if another opportunity arises, have a look at that. History tells you, more often than not, the European champion goes on to fight for a world title; that’s what the long term plan is.
“For now I don’t want to spend too much time looking too far ahead as I want to enjoy every step of this journey I’m on.”
The Olympic bronze medallist has won his last four fights and feels he is now in a position to take that step back into the limelight, following a prolonged hiatus from the public eye. However, the task at hand is a sizeable jump up in quality; Tepur is a strong, durable, heavy puncher, with a decent defence and nine knockouts to his name. The giant Scouser undoubtedly has his work cut out for him.
Price said: “This will be a tough fight but it’s the right risk at the right time because in boxing you have to weigh up the risk against the reward and the Tepur fight far outweighs the risk. There are occasions when the risk outweighs the reward but this is certainly not the case.
“I’m 100 percent confident I’m going out there to win and what comes after it will be the reward. At this stage of the game you want to be involved in fights against good opponents and I think Tepur falls in to that category. I’ve been able to watch clips of him but I don’t see anything extra special so it’s definitely a very winnable fight for me. This is the fight I have been building back up towards.”
Just like Anthony Joshua now, Price was once the golden boy of the British heavyweight division and nine knockouts on the bounce – including an 80-second stoppage of Audley Harrison – enhanced that reputation, but that all came to an abrupt end.
The fanfare and expectation came crumbling down around Price following a 2013 to forget. He has since been written off – the forgotten fighter to a certain degree. And Pricey feels that it was the pressure he put on himself that he couldn’t quite deal with. He said: “After I had lost for the second time I started working with a mind coach called Terry McElhinney who helped open me up to new ideas, on how to approach things differently.
“I have since carried that on, studying how the mind works in sport; these are the things you would think a high level sportsperson would know but sometimes you’re not taught or made aware of this sort of thing.”
Despite feeling more relaxed about his career now, the Commonwealth Games gold medallist admits that he misses the pomp that came with a rapid rise through boxing’s blue-ribbon weight.
“I want that hype again,” said Price. “Hype generates interest; it’s good business but what I came to realise was that the pressure from the public or boxing fans, I couldn’t control, I could only control the pressure I put on myself. I was putting too much of it on my shoulders.”
The road to redemption may be complete should he become the first fighter ever from Liverpool to claim the European heavyweight crown, but this could be the start of another huge chapter in the David Price story.

15 July 2015

In twenty years I have been on many different courses, and I can honestly say your course is the only course that has had any real long lasting impact on both my personal and working life.

I have a more positive approach to all areas of my life, have less fear, worry less, suffer from far less stress, gained confidence, have a happier outlook about the present and future.
One of the most important things I gained from your course was the" Reframe " approach which I think about on a very regular basis it keeps me confident that when work / personal life isn't perfect, I remain optimistic and that everyday life is great, and that even the most humble task are worth doing well and always strive to improve.
I've recently been promoted on a secondment to a SAP. training post, which is a great opportunity for me and hopefully will lead to a permanent position, but either way I'm relaxed and positive that everything will be ok.
I can only say positive stuff about the courses you ran for the LCC, and I have mentioned on a fair few occasions to colleagues that all LCC staff would all benefit from attending course.

If you need any other info or I can help in any way, please just email. So Good Luck in everything you do, you deserve to do well and once again Thank You.

Mersey Care
23 May 2015

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express some feedback about the life coaching course I’ve been on facilitated by Terry McElhinney.

I personally found the course profound and life changing, big words, I know.

But it’s the only way I can describe it! I learnt skills, tools and strategies shown on the course that I didn’t have, some I did, but I didn’t know I was using them.

I am now applying this knowledge to my everyday situation and I am feeling and gaining the benefits more and more. I am conscious that this type of course is not for everyone ...that’s their choice.

With that said, I think it is brilliant the Mersey Care NHS has given their employee’s this great opportunity for self development, and I wish for it to continue, as we will all benefit from it.

May I suggest that Mersey Care look to putting a one day refresher session some time later on for those who attended the full course, as this would keep the momentum going?

Please convey my thanks to Terry for his energy and all the good work he has done through this course for me and our colleagues. It’s been excellent!

And finally, a big thank you May for putting me on this course and facilitating this opportunity for me, thank you.

Matt Ralph
iMerseyside | Sys Admin
22 May 2015

I have attended this course twice in the last 3 years and the techniques Terry gives you to boost your confidence and self-esteem really do work. I picked up on more the second time round and use a lot of the techniques that I've found useful to me almost every day.
If you were a skeptic, like me, you will be surprised. This really does make a difference to how you perceive yourself.
Highly recommended.

I wish there were words to express what Terry has done for me. My life both personally and Professionally has changed dramatically. This is the best course I have ever been on. I highly recommend anyone to take this course. Terry is a remarkable person and they sure have broken the mould when Terry came into this world. Terry from Me I just cannot thank you enough.

Nathan Rigby
19 December 2014

I am Nathan Rigby, a cage fighter and i fight out of HFFS, my current record stands at 3-0, this would have not been the case if it hadn't of been for terry, on the day of my last victory i saw my opponent, he was much taller than me and in my head he had already beat me, i spoke to terry, he turned all the negatives into positives that were going around my mind. I got in the cage with more confidence than ever, i beat my opponent in the first round by tap out, id like to take the opportunity to thank Terry again because i would not have done it without him. He was right when he said Fighting is 80% mental and 20% physical

27 October 2014

I just want to say a big thank you to terry.
I came to him with a train load of problems,stress, anger, inability to relax, inability to switch off, emotional baggage, self esteem issues and loads more.
From the first meeting terry listened to my problems didnt judge me in anyway. He made the

suggestions and gave me the tools to change my life around for the better.
Now i am not going to say it was an easy ride he can only tell you how to change. YOU have to be commited to carry it out. The more comittment the better the results believe me.
Through terry's advice and guidance i am finally living the life i should have been living all along. Happy, relaxed, and confident.
I also should mention the help terry gave me with a long standing knee injury which due to my perceptions gave me no end of grief and was harming my confidence We did a little work on this and the improvements were amazing.
Thanks to his work and methods i am finally able to live a happy enjoyable life
Mike- Widnes

Jay Bimpson
23 October 2014

I was training for the world title which was being held in Trinidad and Tobago.

I felt physically fit but Terry made me mentally fit and put me in the right frame of mind.

He gave me the belief and confidence to know that I could go out there and beat the unbeaten champion.

I won the fight by stopping him in the sixth round. I have continued to use the mental techniques

Terry taught me and I’m now a two times world champion. I thank Terry for playing a big part in helping me achieve my goals.

When he said that fighting was 80% mental and 20% physical he was right.

My body was ready but the difference was Terry making me mentally stronger.

Dave Price - Article written by Steve Lillis for BoxNation
20 October 2014

DAVID PRICE hopes some sessions with a shrink will get his career back on track.

The former British and Commonwealth heavyweight, 30, returns to action in Stuttgart on Saturday night in a non-title eight rounder against Kazakh Konstantin Airich, a fight being screened live on BoxNation.

Price's first contest since shattering back-to-back losses against Tony Thompson in his hometown, Liverpool last year should be the ideal chance to return to winning ways.

Price has been working with mind coach Terry McElhinney and insists he will be mentally tougher in the future having fell apart after flooring Thompson in their second clash.

He said: "Even though I can hold my head high anywhere because of what I have achieved I felt I couldn't walk around Liverpool because I was a bit embarrassed from what had happened.

"Terry built my esteem at first, then it was about taking it into the gym and then on to Saturday.

"He helped pick me up off the floor and dust myself down. We have been doing a lot of other stuff that I wish I had even used in my amateur days.

"Everything was blown out of proportion in my own head during the build-up to the second Thompson fight.

I burned a lot of nervous energy and still come close to winning."

See article at: http://www.boxnation.com/boxing-news/david-price-turns-to-therapy-to-get-his-career-back-on-track/

Mark Williams
16 September 2014

A Testimonial About Golf
To whom it may concern,
My employer recently provided a life coaching course for myself and other members of staff, the course consisted of a couple of two hour sessions (one to one) and a two day group session. The initial two hour session was to establish where you are at your current point in life and what your opinions are of your work life balance, among other things. The two day course teaches you tools to use to assist in your everyday work and home life, from relaxation methods through to thought processes. Not all the tools are designed for everyone as each person has their own preferred method of relaxing, processing thoughts and dealing with feelings and opinions.
Overall I was very impressed with the course and have learnt much from it, and now feel I have the ability to deal with most situations that both my work and personal life can present.
Finally the last two hour session was entirely for you to decide on where you feel Terry’s life coaching skills could provide you with assistance. My Hobby is golfing and I choose this as my subject, We soon established that my main issue was concentration whilst playing the game. Terry taught me how to visualise the game in my mind and find an associated anchor point that triggered my concentration. I played my first round after my session with Terry last Sunday and the results were amazing. My playing handicap is 22, this allows me to go round the course in 94 shots to shoot a level par of 72. My Goal is to reach a handicap of 12 and using these techniques I was able to go round the course in 85 taking 9 shots off my expected round. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you view it, this was not a competition round but to me it was a record round of golf with knowing that with these tools I can easily reach my goal to becoming a 12 handicapper.
Thanks for all your help and advice Terry
Mark Williams

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The mental work involved to be stressed or relaxed is the same ...

80% of the problem is ... ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ...

Enjoy the JOURNEY - not the DESTINATION ...

Enjoy the JOURNEY - not the DESTINATION" ...

Beliefs are stories that we have told ourselves for years, that feel real, but are not true ...

It's healthier physically and emotionally to focus on what you have, and not on what you have not ...

Solutions and Problems are either end of the same line - focus on the solution and you wont see the problem, and vice versa ...

Your mind can make a Heaven out of Hell and a Hell out of Heaven ...

Because it's normal, doesn't mean it's right ...

STOP Mustabating ...

Enjoying your job means ... never having to do a days work!...

Anything we do in the outside world, must first happen on the inside world of our mind ...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger ...

ts not selfish to look after yourself - its SURVIVAL ...

Procrastination is the thief of opportunity ...

If one person can do something - so can you! ...

The past does not equal the future ...

If one person can do something - so can you! ...

We can either make the best of our situation - or change it ...

Be kind: everyone is fighting a hard battle...

Watch your character ... they become your destiny (REALITY)...

Watch your habits ... they become character ...

Watch your actions ... they become habits ...

Watch your words ... they become actions ...

Watch your thoughts ... they become words ...

Don't be SCARED ... be EXCITED...

For years you might have lived as your parents you, your friends you, your teachers you and your bosses' you. But where on earth are YOU ...

Remember that with change comes and element of fear: FEAR = False Evidence that Appears Real ...

Because it's normal, doesn't mean it's right ...

You can change the way you feel whenever you want. Here is the downside: there are no more excuses ...

The way you feel can change your physiology and your physiology can change the way you feel ...

There is no failure - only feedback ...

Pain is inevitable - suffering is optional ...

People who hurt us move on, but why do we carry on their job for them?

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ...

Negative emotions are signals that something needs to be changed ...

It's not whether you get knocked down: it's whether you get up ...

Problems don't get better with time. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge, and what you do not acknowledge is going to get worse until you do ...

No one has control of your mind ...

If you knew this was your last year on earth, would you be kinder, more loving, living life to the full, more caring, less judgmental? If you would, don't wait, change now ...

86,400 seconds in every day, once they have gone, they have gone forever. Don't waste even 1 of them ...

Remembering it's only a habit ...

Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it. so if you dont like the way you're feeling change the meaning ...

Every feeling and emotion you have is your choice ...

Repeating: 'every day in every way I am getting better and better' will change your life ...

Insanity is attempting to get a new result by doing the same thing over and over again ...

People try to fill emotional gaps with material things or work ...

Your body is your business suit. You must look after yourself. How you feel depends on how you look ...

Pushing through the fear is better than being controlled by it ...

Baby falls: if they gave up on the first few attempts no-one would walk ...

Success is creating pleasure in your life and growing and learning from the bad times. Failure is being able to find pain however good it is ...

The brain is the most powerful computer in the world, but comes without a user manual ...

Simple small changes daily improve the quality of your life amazingly ...

Fatigue makes cowards of us all - strong mind tired body wont work ...

Mental rehearsal helps to desensitise - without the pain and time ...

Mind reading is mental rehearsing ...

Our sub conscious mind can't tell the difference between a constructive or destructive thought - It will not judge ...

Worrying is mental rehearsing ...

Suspicions are anchors ...

Self talk has to turn into its physical equivalent ...

If you keep on doing what you're doing, you keep on getting what you've got ...

Enthusiasm works negatively or positively ...