Many organisations understand that employees are their most important asset and provide appropriate training and development opportunities. It is also clear that whilst professional and technical development is important, it is no longer enough on its own.

As well as the intellect, we need to feed and grow the person.

NLP grew out of a number of techniques and has been growing and developing in new ways as the years progress. It is a wonderful concoction of other successful techniques and knowledge. It offers new ways to take ownership of and responsibility for our own behaviour and life. It is now widely used in business, communities, public and private sectors.

We all use varying degrees of NLP. However, we are not consciously aware that we are doing it. NLP is about how we use our language and behaviours to express what's in our mind. We can be more effective in our work and relationships by understanding and using NLP. By using NLP it is possible to enhance a wide range of activities: training, facilitation, mentoring, coaching and development so that the outcomes are evident and make a positive difference to a person's overall outlook and effectiveness.

It is based on the realisation that by changing how you think you can change what you think and thus shape your life to suit your real needs and goals. NLP uses simple and easily learnt techniques to re-programme your mind and life and to help you improve relationships, learn faster, overcome your fears and limitations and succeed in your goals

To be successful, individuals and organisations need to be able to improve performance and be able to respond and deal with the increasing rate of change we experience in our lives. NLP offers a distinctive set of tools for helping to build relationships, overcome past difficulties, manage change, take charge of our lives and improve personal/team effectiveness.


The activity throughout your brain and your whole nervous system is why what you think affects what your body does.


Refers to words and how we use them: how we are affected by the words we use, how our perceptions are framed by the words we choose.


The ability, when we know how something works, to change how it works, in this case, how to change our lives in the way we want by changing our thinking.If you go on doing what you are doing now, you are very likely to go on getting the same results as you are getting now.

In essence, NLP explores the dynamics between mind and body (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how they interplay (programming) affects our behaviours.

The more effective you are in directing your mind and body the more effective you will be in generating any result you desire.

Trainers use their NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills and techniques to maximise learning opportunities so that delegates can quickly transfer their knowledge into the workplace.