BMU Course

Body and Mind Unlimited Course.

Hi my Name is Terry McElhinney I grew up with a stammer, phobias and panic attacks. I am not complaining about this as I believe our struggles does makes us stronger if we look at them from the correct angle.

This journey eventually pushed me into helping others which is my passion.

The fact that I felt inadequate turned me into a high achiever with all the issues and anxieties that brings but was a massive positive.

Because of this I have achieved things that were way above my level of conscious self-belief. Surprising myself mostly but also family and friends who knew me as the shy insecure Terry from their past. If I can do it anyone, can they just need to know how and remove the negative conditioning most of us have been infected with.

I have reinvented myself many many times but have settled on being a life Coach-Stress Management consultant and Martial Arts Instructor. Though you never know what’s around the corner.

I am not trying to impress you but impress upon you that if I can still thrive after a rough start in life so you can. I left school with only a handful of CSEs and most of them were low grades.

I missed a lot of my final year in school as I was too scared to go as I was getting bullied most days plus the fear of speaking during my lessons reached a fear point where I couldn’t get my body out of my bed.

I have been blessed to have had a lot of positive feedback from my courses and classes and feel I have something unique to offer. I have Life Coached thousands of people over the years and have stumbled across common denominators and realise there are similar issues that keep repeating across the clients though they have all been from different backgrounds, ages etc.

Having a stammer is one of the hardest afflictions I can think of as we all have to speak every day and to not be able to or say easier words that dont make sense and make you feel even more stupid than you already do is mind blowing hard and frustration and causes you to self-hate.

But I can use speak now I can and do talk to anyone from any background or job position without any stress or insecurity I know longer feel a fraud and imposter-If they only knew me or how I really feel in their presents etc now this result took me YEARS and Years to achieve this but you could learn it in days.

I know how not to do it I know what not to do with this amazing brain of ours (the best computer ever developed but didn’t come with a user manual-THIS IS THE USER NANUAL) I know which way to fail, which way to not think, which way to fail as you properly do but no one has told you how to do it the right way.

No one has told you if you think of a sad word-phrase-picture-sound-video -memory you will feel sad now even if that image is from 40 years ago and also the positive reverse.

Every time I facilitate a course I am always asked if I would consider running a course for anyone not just corporate employees as many attendees believe their Family would benefit from the tools so after 20 years I am.

I want as many people to attend my courses and because I teach in a way that you will be able to pass on these simple understood tools to their friends and family and kids so I have reduced the price from the normal £200 plus cost only £99 for the day less than about £12.00 per hour for I promised will be life changing tools that you will be able to use straight away.

If you struggle to raise £99 may I suggest you think of ways to raise that money-work a few 2 nights in your local pub-wash a few cars-sell something on ebay. The fact that you will have to use your mind or work physically to raise the money it will guarantee you will get more out of the course that if I let you do it for free also you will already be using your mind in a more positive way before you turned up. (Not sure over this paragraph might come over as a bit condescending?)

When you invest in yourself today you are investing in your future!

I have archived things and earned money that is a million miles away from where I was from and how I thought as a kid from the Bluebell estate in Huyton Liverpool- its never too late. As I said before your better learning from my mistakes it less painful and saves years and years.

I now have many corporate companies headhunting me to run work life balance & Stress management courses & 1-2-1 for them and couldn’t be happier.

We-You can be who you want to be I have and still am re-inventing myself all the time and looking forward to my next change.

Please note there are a limited numbers of places for this course!

Just some of the positive benefits of the course are:

What you won’t get on the course is: -

I have always taught the courses in a way that everyone will be able to understand and start using the tools straight away, also you will be able to pass on the tools/techniques to your partners, children, family and friends.

About the course

The course must be paid in full to secure your place. If you cancel within a month of the course date you cannot have a refund but can attend the next course??

My prices are not based on my skills, experience and knowledge or the price would be at least trebled its based on the fact that I want as many people as possible learning, understanding, using and passing on these tools to help reduce stress and therefore illness and show people that will a few small changes massive differences can be achieved

Below are some of the companies I have successfully worked with:

Informatics Merseyside

Health & Wellbeing Courses.

1-2-1 life coaching for stress management and sickness reduction.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Health & Wellbeing Courses & 1-2-1 Coaching.

Resilience & Work Life Balance Courses.

Merseyside police Occupational health department

1-2-1 Life Coaching & Work Life Balance

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Salford Care Organisation Part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

Health & Wellbeing Courses & 1-2-1 Coaching

Mersey Care NHS Trust Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

1-2-1 life coaching for stress management and sickness reduction.

Group courses- Stress management & Life coaching.

Group relaxation sessions

Liverpool community health

Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance,1-2-1s

PSS Liverpool

Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance, 1-2-1s and Team Building

Eurodrive Motor Finance

Stress Management & Improve Sales performance

Liverpool city council leisure services

Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance,1-2-1s

Fords Motor Company - Halewood, Liverpool

Getrag/Fords- Stress Management Courses

Getrag/Fords -Training on facilitating and Blue Sky Project

Getrag/Fords - 1-2-1 coaching.


Management Motivation Courses:

Livingston Gunn Projects limited

Stress Management Courses

Muir Group - Chester

Staff development course.

Pilkington Glass - St Helens

Stress Management courses.

Bowring Comprehensive School - Liverpool

Motivation and Stress Management courses.

Arriva Trains Northern

Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance,1-2-1 and Team Building

Warrington Borough Council

Motivation Courses

Rocco’s Hospice Warrington

Stress Management Courses, 1-2-1 counselling.

Unison - Liverpool Branch

Motivation, Stress Management, Work Life Balance

Liverpool learning & Development Services

Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance,1-2-1s

Centre 63 Kirkby

Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance

Knowsley Park School CfL

Stress management and increasing confidence sessions for Exams

Young Enterprise North West,

Motivations and relaxation sessions

John Moore’s University, Liverpool,

Pre-exam stress management course

Warrington Speech Therapy

Stammering confidence course.

David Lloyd Leisure

NLP course for sport improvement.

British Stammering Association.

Conference speaker on NLP tools adapted to help with stammering

CELLS Charity

Self esteem/Confidence & work Life balance

The Basement.

Drop in Centre for the homeless

iverpool 1- Motivation, Stress Management, Self Development, Work Life Balance, 1-2-1